New Apron in progress


So I’m making a new apron in the same style as the one pictured above. I thought that my etsy shop needed more aprons, so I’m going to try to roll out more in the coming weeks. Also, my hands need a break from all the constant knitting I’ve been doing. Knitting is really my first love, but sewing is my second.etsysep5-015

Especially with these beautiful Cotton + Steel fabrics. If I could, I would just buy Cotton + Steel fabric all the time. It’s just perfect in every way. One of the problems with working with this fabric is that I end up wanting to keep everything for myself.etsysep5-016

I also am hesitant to use and cut it up, but I’ve been telling myself lately that it’s got to change. I can’t just horde this fabric away and never make something with it. It’s meant to be used. It should be used. So here I am, beginning the process of letting go…starting with this apron.


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