Adding dishcloths to my etsy?

So I have been exploring what to add to my etsy, and I started working on some dishcloths. Now, I love to knit them and I do use them myself (they are great for cleaning wine glasses, or any kind of delicate glass that I don’t want to trust my dishwasher to), but because I usually only do hats or scarves I’ve had trouble figuring out how to price them. Plain Jane dishcloths seem to run around $5-6, but my patterned dishcloths take more time then that and it wouldn’t be feasible to invest my time in these, when I should focus on something else. Despite this, I might just sell them as a one time thing, and not as a repeating item.

If you’re interested in the pattern, you can find it over at knit for free. They have quite a few dishcloth patterns to choose from. This one is called “ripples”, I believe.


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