New Apron in progress


So I’m making a new apron in the same style as the one pictured above. I thought that my etsy shop needed more aprons, so I’m going to try to roll out more in the coming weeks. Also, my hands need a break from all the constant knitting I’ve been doing. Knitting is really my first love, but sewing is my second.etsysep5-015

Especially with these beautiful Cotton + Steel fabrics. If I could, I would just buy Cotton + Steel fabric all the time. It’s just perfect in every way. One of the problems with working with this fabric is that I end up wanting to keep everything for myself.etsysep5-016

I also am hesitant to use and cut it up, but I’ve been telling myself lately that it’s got to change. I can’t just horde this fabric away and never make something with it. It’s meant to be used. It should be used. So here I am, beginning the process of letting go…starting with this apron.


Making baskets with t-shirt yarn. 

So I inherited probably 100 T-shirts, and my first thought was to make t-shirt yarn. The yarn itself comes out rather nice and the color is a lovely neutral green. I started making a basket with it, and it’s…ok, but I’m not as skilled with crochet as I am with knitting. 

I am a perfectionist. If something is not up to my standards I’d rather undo the whole thing, no matter how much time and effort I’ve put into it.

So because of this, I’ve been thinking of just listing the yarn itself on my etsy rather then the baskets. I feel like someone else could do a much better job then I could.

Adding dishcloths to my etsy?

So I have been exploring what to add to my etsy, and I started working on some dishcloths. Now, I love to knit them and I do use them myself (they are great for cleaning wine glasses, or any kind of delicate glass that I don’t want to trust my dishwasher to), but because I usually only do hats or scarves I’ve had trouble figuring out how to price them. Plain Jane dishcloths seem to run around $5-6, but my patterned dishcloths take more time then that and it wouldn’t be feasible to invest my time in these, when I should focus on something else. Despite this, I might just sell them as a one time thing, and not as a repeating item.

If you’re interested in the pattern, you can find it over at knit for free. They have quite a few dishcloth patterns to choose from. This one is called “ripples”, I believe.

First post for Quiet Threads


So this is my very first post for my Quiet Threads account. I’ve blogged about art, life and random crafts for awhile now, but I wanted to hone in on making a blog about my sewing and knitting/crochet and the process behind it. I really wanted to just be able to fully nerd out about yarn types, brands of fabric, stuff like that and I feel like this is the best way to go about it. For this first post, I’ll keep it simple. But my hope is to be able to post at least every other day(if not every day). I’ll be talking about my in progress work, reviewing yarn/patterns, things of that nature. So if you’re a craft nerd like me, stay tuned for more to come.